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First full-length album. Originally released on CD by Darker Than Black Records in 2012. Released on pro-cassette by Vanguard Productions in 2015.


released May 13, 2014

Chernobog - Strings
Kveldulv - Vocals, Strings, Percussion
Necrovermin - Bass Guitar



all rights reserved


Nordwind Vancouver, British Columbia


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Track Name: Gazing From the Void
Behold! A light that casts no shadow
From the void it flows unceasingly
Holy and blinding are its eternal rays
Burning those eyes which gaze upon it

And I am pierced by its rays
Consumed with madness, to wander and war
To drink deep of the holy endless well
And to sing the endless song of death!

It wills towards Death
It wills towards primordial Emptiness
And I am willed towards its fire
And I bear within myself its spark

Behold! A lightning that bears no thunder
I am this lightning!
I am this madness!
Track Name: Spear of Mastery
In triumph the spear pierces the heavens
Destiny, mastery - the commandment of violence
From the crucifixion to the Eagle's rise
Brandishing the forgotten spear

When the wolf-cloaked thunders above the sky
And the terrible frenzied hunt rides out
The spear will be thrust through every heart
With absolute detachment - the sacred rite of strife

When the tyrants return to reign
And the spirit of victory is burning like fire
when the Valknut's iron grip tightens
All shall be brought to their knees at its will

Within the possession of Sedjr
Deathless victory raises its head
Flesh becomes immortal
And the boundaries between life and death dissolve
Track Name: Death Asceticism
Across the cosmos His name is whispered
But from beyond Ginnungagap is it echoed
Like an eye torn from socket and thrown
To the very bottom of the well, lighting its depths

Scars and sigils, tormented illumination
A noose is the threshold of prophetic divination
To dream in the slumber of death
And awaken within the Armanen

In scorn and tribulations of the flesh
Hanged by the neck, arms out in prayer
Uttered curses, cold communion of mortification
To throw off the laws of creation and form
And enter the endless halls of shadows
Ageless, lawless, yet eternal and absolute

To see beyond the cosmic veil
And dissolve the self within wanderings beyond
Hanged upon the roots of creation
His death gaze aimed at the black sun
Track Name: Spirit of Ruin
"Deep art thou, steeped in sin
Befouled thou art with thy filth"

At the cimmerian hall of Nastrandir
Where the doors face northward to infinity
The great walls are that of serpent’s spines
And from the very ceiling drips their venom

And at her gates runs a wild river
In which treacherous men wade
Breakers of oaths, and murderers alike
Wading ever towards the darkening sun

For ours is that of Solve
Marching towards dissolution
Unbinding, uncoagulating
Forever feeding on the blood of Gods

Perdition blazing outward and turned inward
For we are bound in chains to Ginnungagap
We are the spirit of ruin in a rotting cosmos
The poisonous arrows that shall strike both innocent and guilty
Track Name: Chaos Unconquerable
Loud and stark blows the horn
Like the groan of a dying Ash
Apart the three triangles fall
Loose they become and then are unbound

And then I saw the wolf raise its head
Teeth towards the sky, pointed at the sun
Just as the Valknut, do his limbs break loose
Ripping apart the fetters of order

O! From that place I did watch another
From the sea he rages and emerges
And gapes to the heavens above, with poison teeth
Horrid and slithering, he unbinds his tail from his jaws

Impending and unstoppable Chaos
And Spewing from their mouths
A black flame which burns eternally
Leaving a void from of the ashes of the earth
Track Name: Fimbulvetr
The ash which is burning
And bares fruit now intoxicating
Trembles 'neath dark skies
Its roots become weak in the thin earth

The stars shall fall from infinity
When the wolven fangs sink deep
Into the solar disc: intruding the heavens
Rabid and frenzied, all consuming

A winter of cruel retribution is destined
To descend with wrath on men and gods
And the hidden eye of eternal Will
Shall cast its gaze on the image of death

When the only light which burns
Is a black flame from the lake of fire
When the vast cosmos beyond
Devours itself entire

When the fairest of all jarls fell
At the hands of fate and the will towards death
The beacons of winter were set ablaze
And the trumpets of twilight were blown.