Pagan Priestess

from by Nordwind



Upon the summit shone rays of light
As if a great fire burned above
Its flame reaching to the Heavens
Glowing forth from a tower of shields

There a slain man laid, a fallen warrior
Adorned with chains and weapons of war
But as I removed the helm from his head
Not man, but a priestess gazed forth

"Long did I sleep, slumbering in perdition
As the mysteries were carved into me by suffering
Carve into your sword, your shield, your flesh
That they may serve you until the last god falls"

"Ale I bring to you, soon to be fallen
That you might taste the wine of fate
Drink deep, that you shall join the slain
And become one with glorious death"

Across the welkin hooves thundered
From the firmament her war songs rang
Their calls beckoned me towards the Hall
To feast and fight forever, until the end of times.


from Victory Monument of Death, released October 10, 2015



all rights reserved


Nordwind Vancouver, British Columbia


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